Senior management automated project initiation plan development

The majority of new automation projects fall into the category of having disappointing results for senior management in the business sector, and in many cases the projects fail to get into production. The reasons are simple, there wasn't a project initiation road map that described:


1   An upfront business impact plan listing the achievements that must occur to declare the project a success. An example of an acceptable result would be a profitable increase in market share. An example of an unacceptable result would be a technical advancement.

2   An upfront definition of the amount of elapsed time permitted before the solution must be placed in production, or declared a failure.

3   An upfront disclosure of the total amount of funds that will be allocated to the project before it reaches the point of being terminated as a failed project.


The expected elapsed time of this engagement is 1 to 3 months - the duration depends on the availability of senior management personnel - business & IT.


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